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Instructions for Ghost Meter:

Put 9Volt (square) battery in the rear panel.

Turn On pressing the large button in front.

Look for beeps, needle moves and lights that are random, not constant or predictable.  Constant or predictable readings are power lines.  Reading that come and go, that change without reason are paranormal energy.

Take pictures of friends or rooms with a digital camera.  You might see orbs of light (circles) or even ghosts.

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Associated Press picture from CNN News of Henry VIII.  “Palace ghost caught on camera.” Dec 19, 2003. (Hampton Palace, London)
The official Ghost Meter of many
ghost clubs in America!

Associated Press picture from CNN News of Henry VIII.  “Palace ghost caught on camera.” Dec 19, 2003. (Hampton Palace, London)
The official Ghost Meter of many ghost clubs in   America!

Aside from a camera, the most basic tool for a ghost hunter is the EMF meter. When ghostly activity takes place, electromagnetic anomalies often occur in the environment.  This meter can allow you to detect these disturbances.
Find hot spots in homes! In cemeteries! In buildings!  We guarantee that an evening visit to a cemetery with the meter is an experience that will thrill you!  Go in a small group and you will have a lot of fun and some!
Conduct paranormal surveys (comes with instructions).  You may charge for those services or do them for pleasure!
Though we use language that is fun and casual, The Ghost Meter is an accurate instrument devoted to high quality Paranormal activity. Each one is individually calibrated.
Even though you may experience nothing via your physical senses, if you take a photo when he Ghost Meter indicates a strange fluctuation, you can sometimes capture a picture of a ghost!
The CellSensor Ghost Meter measures paranormal cell activity.  It is wonderful for several reasons:  It's lightweight and compact.   It has a needle readout and an adjustable audio tone, allowing you to use it in the dark or without looking at it.  Also a light so you can monitor from far away!
At a haunted location, strong, erratic, fluctuating readings are commonly found.  It seems these energy fields have a connection to the presence of ghosts.  When you find a strange, inconsistent reading, that's a great time to make a photo of the area.  The developed print may show an apparition.
This is the official meter of many Ghost Clubs!  If you search and look for ‘ghost pictures’ or ‘ghost hunts’ you will finds thousands of clubs and ghost pictures worldwide!  Have fun and do not be afraid…most ghosts are friendly!  A great gift!
Typical Investigation report:


This picture is from an investigation done in a very rural area around Columbus GA., a single lane dirt road (Whitesville Rd.) there are three wooden bridges, very rickety and no guard rails, very dangerous, one is referred to as "Crybaby Bridge" there are several different stories all having to do with children drowning off the bridge and their mother not able to save them, supposedly at night the sound of children crying can be heard and splashes in the water but no ripples and some have seen a entity of a woman walking the banks of the creek looking for her children, all of the locals had stories of strange goings on in the area and a couple said that they believed it was because of an Indian burial ground there and not the other story, sorry that was long and drawn out I just wanted to give you some history.
 When we arrived there my meter was going crazy, it sometimes completely pegged off the scale, using the probe I could follow the source which was moving, it did follow the creek and only the creek, we also documented temperature drops from 78F down to 39F and could see our breath, it was a very muggy warm night. all of the pictures were taken in the direction that the probe was detecting activity!
Some ideas:
Have a paranormal party. Have some people visit a graveyard at night, take pictures when the meter detects activity and later look at the pictures. You will be amazed at what you find! These parties are exciting, great get togethers and they really unite all scared members! A real ice breaker!
Or not just graveyards but also places were paranormal activity is not forget that 98% of all people who have lived are now there are many graveyards that are now buildings! Also creeks, meadows, wooded areas are favorite paranormal places.  Are you having trouble sleeping? Check your bedroom with our meter!
CNN STORY:  “The ghostly figure appears to be in period dress.”
Palace 'ghost' caught on camera
Friday, December 19, 2003 Posted: 1:54 PM EST (1854 GMT)
LONDON, England (AP) --  Are there ghostly goings-on at Henry VIII's palace, or is that hazy image of a fellow in fancy robes just a bit of Christmas cheer?
Closed-circuit security cameras at Hampton Court Palace, the huge Tudor castle outside London, seem to have snagged an ethereal visitor. Could it be a ghost?
 "We're baffled too -- it's not a joke, we haven't manufactured it," said Vikki Wood, a Hampton Court spokeswoman, when asked if the photo the palace released was a Christmas hoax. "We genuinely don't know who it is or what it is."   Wood said security guards had seen the figure in closed-circuit television footage after checking it to see who kept leaving open one of the palace's fire doors.
 In the still photograph, the figure of a man in a robe-like garment is shown stepping from the shadowy doorway, one arm reaching out for the door handle.  The area around the man is somewhat blurred, and his face appears unnaturally white compared with his outstretched hand.
 "It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human," said James Faukes, one of the palace security guards.  "My first reaction was that someone was having a laugh, so I asked my colleagues to take a look. We spoke to our costumed guides, but they don't own a costume like that worn by the figure. It is actually quite unnerving," Faukes said.
 The palace, built in 1525 on the River Thames 10 miles west of central London, is a popular tourist attraction and some of the guides wear costumes of the Tudor period.
Wood said she was hoping people would come forward with similar stories and try to explain the figure.  The palace has been the scene of many dramatic royal events, and already is supposed to have a few ghosts.  King Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour, died there giving birth to a son, and her ghost is said to walk through one of the cobbled courtyards carrying a candle.
 Her son, Edward, had a nurse called Sibell Penn who was buried in the palace grounds in 1562. In 1829 her tomb was disturbed by building work, and around the same time an odd whirring noise began to be heard in the southwest wing of the palace.   When workmen traced the strange sounds to a brick wall, they uncovered a small forgotten room containing an old spinning wheel, just like the one Penn used to use.
 Henry's fifth wife, Catherine Howard, condemned for adultery, was held at the palace under house arrest before her execution at the Tower of London. An 1897 book about the palace says she was reportedly seen, dressed in white and floating down one of the galleries uttering unearthly shrieks.